The Queen claims her Throne

Hail Queen Kathryn!

The post birthday celebration of the then ‘Teen Queen’ now ‘Asia’s Emerging Movie Queen’ Kathryn Bernardo was held at Le Reve Events Place and Pool Party last April 12, 2016. The special celebration was lovingly prepared by Kathryn’s loyal fans for six years, KBBuddies.

The ‘love energy’ of the fans created a really exciting preparation time for us. They carefully chose the theme, set-up elements, and menu. We share that goal {with the KBBuddies} to provide Kathryn with a birthday party she deserves.

The birthday bash was attended by Kath’s family: her mommy Min, her daddy Teodor, her sisters, Ate Tin and Ate Kaye; film director Cathy Molina-Garcia, members of the press and her fans.



In choosing the catering menu, we made sure that everything is Kath’s favorite. We served Korean Beef Stew, as she mentioned that it was her favorite dish during her debut celebration. She also remembered our Seafood Penne Alfredo. To complete the buffet spread, we had Grilled Rosemary Chicken, Battered Fish with Tartar Sauce and Pasta Pomodoro e Basilico. Our dessert buffet is a treat for her sweet tooth. We loaded it up with our petite cakes and pastries.

For the set-up, we created a dainty, chic and regal ambiance. The theme, “butterflies and royalties” was conceptualize to highlight the metamorphic transition of Kath’s successful career from being a child star to being a teen star and to now a talented young actress. Known as Queen Kath to her fans, Team Shekinah Dishes made sure, that she is treated with prestige and royalty. The royal chair is actually custom-made for Kathryn’s 18th birthday. As we have had served her party then, this white and gold couch was not used. Now, as if it is destined to her queen, Kathryn fits her throne perfectly.


We have witnessed once more how Queen Kath’s fans loved her. It was like a magical moment where everybody adores their queen. But who wouldn’t, Kathryn Bernardo’s sweetness exudes her. She would humbly recognize everybody, thanking them for their support and recognizing their love towards her. Truly, a queen crowned with love and gratefulness.