Lovers Dream: Natividad-De Vera Nuptial

How Albert and Ishie Met

I woke up with two dozens of red roses from someone I don’t know. I thought the package was mistakenly delivered to me but when I read the card, my full name was written on it. That evening, the mysterious man appeared knocking on our front door. He introduced himself to me and my mother. His name is Albert. He is a kin to one of our neighbours. I never noticed him until now. That same night Albert expressed his intention to court me. I should have been jumping and cheering for joy because I have been waiting for love to come along. But I refused him. Not only once but many times. Then, he went back overseas to work. Even he was thousands of miles away, he still made an effort to communicate. The courtship lasted for two years. His dedication and perseverance amazed me. When he came home, I finally gave myself the chance to know him. He is worth the wait. Now, I understood why I have been single for so long. It is because God reserved me to the right man who will claim and treasure me as his own. We were married two years after.


Experienced with Shekinah Dishes

We have chosen Shekinah Dishes to be our caterer on our special day. They offer affordable but competitive packages. Our wedding has been rebooked thrice and Shekinah Dishes remain considerate to our needs. Since our wedding date was change many times, we were constantly invited by Ms. Hazel, our Banquet Coordinator, to join the food tasting. Their food has been consistently delicious from three occasions of food tasting to the main event. Our parents and our guests can’t stop raving about the food. Pumpkin soup, fish ola, Korean beef stew and Spanish sardines pasta are some of our personal favorites.

I love the table arrangement and the couple’s area. They were beautifully arranged. Everything I requested to Ms. Hazel about the Nutcracker and Ballerina Theme has been carefully executed. The waiters during the event were very polite and they have the sensitivity to anticipate our needs. When I felt warm during the program, they adjusted the ventilation to keep me cool and they offered me tissue and a glass of cold water without being told. They also helped us to carry some of our things back to our car after the program. We highly recommend Shekinah Dishes to those couple planning for their big day.