Lovers Dream: Abdollah-Ribaya Nuptial

I used to work as reporter when I was sent to represent Manila Bulletin for an International Journalism Fellowship to Malaysian Press Institute in Kuala Lumpur where Salman was working in 2010. Since hotel food were expensive, he would take me out have a nice dinner in places with good Malaysian food all over KL every night. That was how we fell in love with each other.

When the time has I arrived for me to go back to Manila, Salman and I found ourselves in a dilemma between cutting the “fling” off or just have a long distance relationship (LDR). On the night of my departure, we mutually agreed to ignore the distance and just make the relationship work.

The next four years involved more than a dozen round trips to Kuala Lumpur and Manila. The difference in our religions brought up problems and the language barrier also made LDR much tougher. But Salman and I are lucky to share a love that has the ability to nurture our similarities instead of focusing on our differences. That’s when we decided to get married.

During the wedding planning stage, there were a couple of times that I had to do most of the tasks alone since my husband was based in KL. But I was so grateful that the food and catering was one less stress for me because Shekinah Dishes really went out on their limbs to satisfy every little detail of my requests regarding the food and event styling.

The miscommunication I initially experienced with them actually paled in comparison to the efficiency, dedication, and quality of service I experienced in the weeks leading up to the my big day. In fact, my Malaysian Muslim in-laws were truly impressed with Filipino hospitality, feeling like VIPs when they travelled to attend our wedding in QC on May 31, 2015.

I honestly think the food tasted too good for its reasonable price. But more than that, the professionalism of Shekinah team met the standards I was expecting them to bring on my wedding.