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Most caterers offer Wedding Packages with menu options- usually presented as set menu and standard banquet set-up – usually a simple floral piece that matches the soon-to-weds’ motif. Couples who would like to adapt a theme or a unique concept for their special day need to hire an event analyst or pay more for upgrades and add-ons on set up and menu. A caterer who offers more than the usual is a rare find. The prominent question is “Do you go for food or do you go for the style”

Shekinah Dishes, Incorporated says YOU can have both!

Styling beyond just the Standards

Each soon-to-wed couple has a unique love story to tell and each wedding is inspired differently from the other. The desire to be part of that moment when all things happen magically is the motivation of Shekinah Dishes in extending their services beyond just the standards of serving food and adorning tables with flowers.

“Our packages offer beyond the usual inclusions needed in a wedding reception. We have included event styling and customized food presentation as part of our services. From the simplest concepts to the most extravagant themes, we make sure that we translate what our couple-clients have envisioned for their big day. As we listen to the couples ideas, we discover that their theme and concept. We assist them in creating and adding a personalized touch both to the venue set-up and food presentation.” Shares Mike Lacuesta, General Manager of Shekinah Dishes.

Shekinah Dishes wedding planning stages includes conceptualizing themes with the couple crafting and construction the couple’s backdrop; creating a photo ops area, customizing the guests’ registration area personalizing the tables for VIP’s and guests including even the lay out designs of the menu cards, place cards and table numbers. With these, couples can suggest invent, and propose even their widest concept or preference.

“We enjoy creating wedding activities for the guests- npt just putting up mere displays or decorations.” Mike continues to share. “To name a few of the concepts Shekinah Dishes and the clients have shared are the following:

“Peep through the Doors & Windows” – these display the table assignment of the guests- having their names written on transparent films.

“3D photo Frames- Strike a Pose” – these use frames hanged on trees or printed on walls where guests can use as their digi-photo backdrop

“Welcome Door” – best displayed outdoors, this creates a feel of entering a different realm filled with love and magic.

“Love Notes & Messages” – this display requests guests to scribble advises and messages to the couple.

“Photo Nook”- where couples display their pictures and love story.

“Guest Canvas”- Instead of guestbook, these are painted canvases where guest can sign their names as they celebrate with the newly weds.



Soon-to-wed couples are so meticulous with their menu choices. More often than not the wedding reception feast leaves a distinct impression to the guests. Shekinah Dishes’ goal is to leave that impeccable impression of serving the best quality food- in flavor and presentation.

“Our passion to satisfy not only our clients but also their guests led us to concoct different menu and food presentation- thus calling our menu specialties “Fusion Cuisine”. We do these by adapting foreign and regional delicacies then transforming their flavors to fit our Filipino palates. It’s like enjoying an international buffet with the “homey” feel of our own unique flavor. It’s like having our signature on each food we serve.” Mike explains.

Shekinah Dishes also customize menu for couples that want their theme reflected on the food choices. Soon-to-wed go as detailed as renaming the food and creating a personalized buffet choices. Creating food concepts are easier said than done. This requires several taste tests and flavor adjustments –the success of this hard work is what makes a wedding day magical and special.

As Mike concludes, “Shekinah Dishes Team is committed to passionately serve and CELEBRATE just THE WAY THE CLIENTS WANT IT.

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